Join the Pinnacle Ski Club and get access to the most fun you can have in Pittsfield, Maine this winter. Just download the application form, complete it and email to with your payment.

The Pinnacle offers:

  • Free Ski School where all ages can learn to ski or snowboard
  • Skiing under the lights on Friday and Wednesday nights
  • Annual Ski Equipment Sale
  • Annual Bud Dow Ski Race
  • Special Ski Deals



  • Main slope with 600 foot rope tow
  • Bunny hill with rope tow
  • Headwall and small side trails
  • Ski lodge with kitchen
  • Slope lighting
  • Snowboard jumps
  • Skating Rink

Pinnacle Ski Club Membership Costs:

Family $60
Couples $40
Individual $20

After December 20th Membership rates are:
Family $75
Couples $50
Individual $30

* Family Memberships are for a family of 5. Family Memberships are for immediate family members only.

** In order to keep our rates at their traditionally low levels, Members are expected to contribute 10 hours of volunteer service

Membership Forms are also located in Main Lodge and at our Facebook Group.

Pinnacle sign

Pinnacle Ski Club Board Members

Jim Cianchette 660-5046

Vice-President /Slope Manager
Ed Hodgins 487-6170

Jim Cianchette 660-5046

Ed Hodgins 487-6170

Ski Lesson Coordinator

Membership Coordinator
Jim Cianchette 660-5046

Building Rental Coordinator
Jim Cianchette 660-5046

Pinnacle map.

click to see full size

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