More Pinnacle History

For over half a century The Pinnacle has provided Pittsfield residents a close-to-home opportunity for family oriented outdoor winter recreation. But even beyond that, it has provided a nearby training venue for the MCI Ski Club and has taught generations of youngsters the love of skiing.

Photos from the Pinnacle’s Past.
Contributed by Jane & Don Woodruff.

Click on photos to enlarge … but they are large!

Pinnacle0004This is the first ski school which would have been in the 1954-55 ski season. I say that because it is not only what I remember but the fact that Tony Soychak was listed as an instructor and in a column by Jack Baxter he mentioned him as helping with ski school. Also Bud Dow was president that first year.  -Jane Woodruff

Pinnacle0007MCI ski team circa 1956.

Pinnacle0003bFrancis Saunders (left) and Bud Dow (2nd from left)  on the slope with some racers. Circa 1956.

Pinnacle0003a Racer #5 is pulling a toboggan with what I think are containers with gasoline or some fuel probably for the tow. Photo circa 1956.

Pinnacle_15-Dec-1962Aerial view of the Pinnacle from a Waterville Sentinel photograph taken on 15-Dec-1962.

Old Club HouseView of the Pinnacle Slope in the 1960’s. Note the old warming hut at the bottom of the slope. It was demolished in … and replaced with the new ski hut. You can see where the toboggan was stored on the front of the building.

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