About the Pinnacle Ski Club

The Pinnacle Ski Club has operated the ski slope for more than 56 years to promote and encourage skiing in Pittsfield, Maine.  As a non-profit organization we are supported by members. Come join great family fun!


The Club’s Purpose:

  • To promote skiing for children and adults
  • To encourage greater interest in skiing in the surrounding communities.
  • To facilitate a ski school, equipment sales and social events.
  • To promote other snow sports and other outdoor sports and events as club may deem advisable.
  • To support ski-related activities.



Off-Season Activities

When the snow finally leaves in the spring, there’s still fun to be had at the Pinnacle. Activities include the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt, trail maintenance (brush clearing, ground smoothing, etc.), family picnics and more. For photo of past events, visit the photo section of the Pinnacle Facebook Group.

Easter Bunny greets a child at the Pinnacle

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